Viper Rooms closes for a two week and £380k refurbishment


The Viper Rooms in Harrogate has closed for the biggest refurbishment since it first opened in 2006.

The venue is on Parliament Street was formerly Bar Med and then a Ministry of Sound, Minibar. It was a trial site for the Ministry of Sound, to test the market appetite for a bar concept for their brand.

The venue is now operated by Harewood Entertainments, they also have Moko and Kings Club in the town.

The work is significant, with a total of £380K being invested in the night club to enable a big transformation.

Paul Kinsey of Harewood Entertainments, said

We have, over the years, spent a lot on Viper Rooms, but this is very different.

In the past we had often done like-for-like updates and largely kept the look the same – this time we are spending a lot more money and making much more substantive changes.

There will be 3 DJ’s and 3 different music styles. The main bar will have DJ Poppy from Leeds creating more of a grown-up feel for the main bar.

The main dance floor will be classic club dance music and downstairs will be, what they are are calling, guilty pleasures.

Paul Kinsey of Harewood Entertainments
Paul Kinsey of Harewood Entertainments

Paul Kinsey said:

We will have distinct areas, the VIP area has always worked well and that will stay of course.

The club has always been regarded well and we have appreciated the loyalty of many of our customers.

The changes are about creating a true night club feel, rather than just a very late-night bar that are becoming more and more common.

Paul Kinsey lives locally and runs a group of 10 venues, including in Kingston, Sheffield and Swansea.

Paul Kinsey said:

We believe that we have the best night club within 20-miles.

The aim is to give people that real club experience, with many comfortable seating areas and large dance floors.

Next week will see a dry run opening and Saturday, 13 July 2019, will see the formal opening with an already very long guest list, mainly of their regular customers.

But the big question for many is, will the chandelier remain…

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