Andrew Jones MP
Andrew Jones MP

Andrew Jones MP announces who he is backing for Conservative Party Leader


Harrogate and Knaresborough MP, Andrew Jones, has said that he is backing Jeremy Hunt for party leader.

Andrew Jones MP said:

I am grateful to Theresa May for her service to the country as Prime Minister. She proved to have great tenacity with a powerful sense of public duty and, as we move on to a new chapter, we need to consider the values and skills our new Prime Minister will need.

I was fortunate to work with Jeremy as his Parliamentary Private Secretary in the Department of Health. I have seen at close quarters the compassion, dedication and professionalism he brought to the management of our health service. He won additional funding for the NHS way in excess of what people expected he could achieve and even in excess of what the opposition demanded.

As Foreign Secretary Jeremy’s work ethic and negotiating skills have won international respect. He has used deal-making skills to help maintain and improve our international relationships. As we prepare to leave the European Union we need leadership from someone who has the proven ability to negotiate successfully. Jeremy wants to leave the EU with a deal and recognises the need to deliver Brexit.

Jeremy and I share many common views across government, from the need for low taxes for working families and turbo charging our economy to wanting our schools to be the very best and protecting our environment. One shared goal is to see greater investment in our transport infrastructure and I know Jeremy believes that the north is a key area for such investment. As a Transport Minister from a Yorkshire constituency I welcome that position.

So, for his vision, track record and the skills our country needs, I am backing Jeremy Hunt to become Leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister.

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