Local mind reader looking to produce Harrogate’s first ever ghost walk

14 May 2019

Local mind reader and actor Paul Forster is currently working on producing Harrogate’s first ever ghost walk – but he needs your help to create it.

Paul said:

I want the ghost walk to contain stories form local people who have their own experiences of unexplained phenomenon in Harrogate.

Harrogate is a relatively new spa town created for Victorians to escape to for holistic treatments and as such has less ghosts than you would find in say York. But there are stories and I want to hear them.

The ghost stories will need to be within short walking distance of the town centre, Paul requires street names and house numbers or building names in order to ascertain their location for mapping out the walk. All stories will be treated with respect and the tellers can remain anonymous if required, names can be changed.

There are some wonderful stories and Paul is looking for particular tales around the following: The Granby Hotel – now Granby Nursing Home. It was rumoured that a chamber maid was murdered on the top floor and the whole floor was shut off due to strange occurrences such as furniture being moved and noises being heard. It was said that the face of a woman could be seen staring out of a window. Do you know more?

The Harrogate Theatre has a ghost called Alice, the victim of a terrible love affair, is said to haunt the stalls at Harrogate Theatre. Have you seen her, if so get in touch. Did you work at the Cedar Court Hotel? If so Paul wants to hear about the ‘spooky corridor’, as it is known, which is said to be home to some ghoulish guests. And then there is Hales Bar, the oldest licensed premises in Harrogate.

Paul hears tales of poltergeist activity with bottles and glasses falling off shelves and strange sounds and manic laughter. I already have some great stories that no one will ever have heard, a particular scary one is about a ghost called ‘Mr Badder’ who terrified a young girl and her family for years.

What will make this ghost walk truly unique is that Paul will host a recreation of a Victorian séance. Paul recently performed a Victorian séance at Halloween at the infamous Harrogate Club where the once revered author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle visited and conducted his own seances in the early 1800’s.

Paul said:

The séance is for entertainment purposes only but I feel this would truly offer something new to a ghost walk. I want to bring the Victorian tradition back to the main stream and seeing people like ‘Elizabeth’ perform a spooky audition on Britain’s Got talent has brought this into the lime light once again.

The walk will end with a séance and therefore Paul is looking for a suitable location to host it at the end of the walk. If you have a venue and would be interested in hosting this then please get in touch. It could bring extra revenue to your business and really put you on the map in the town.

If you have a story that you’d like to share and it is within short walking distance from the town centre then get in touch with Paul Forster on info@paulforster.co.uk

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