Coppice Valley Art, that looked better from the ITV helicopter than a step ladder!
Coppice Valley Art, that looked better from the ITV helicopter than a step ladder!

Coppice Valley Primary School in the Tour de Yorkshire spirit

9 May 2019

Coppice Valley Primary School, Harrogate got into the Tour de Yorkshire spirit on the day the race came through Harrogate.

At the school it was all about raising awareness of the TdY for the pupils while creating interest in local events and cycling. Children bought mountain bikes to use at school on a track they made last year.

They also put together a large mural, of a cycle, made of textiles and featuring in the ITV coverage of the ladies race.

Emma Meadus , Headteacher (Interim) said:

We want to encourage healthy lifestyles. We also have a fantastic new teacher Charlotte Hawkins who is an art specialist. She wanted to inspire and enthuse pupils to love art, especially pupils who says they can’t draw or do art. She wanted to show them that art doesn’t have to be on a piece of paper.

Finally we wanted to showcase our wonderful grounds, our “hidden gem” in the heart of Harrogate.

The event also coincided with the first day Emma Meadus took up the position of interim headteacher, following 20-years with the school.

Emma Meadus , Headteacher (Interim) said:

To have such a fantastic experience as this on my first official day in charge was an amazing way to start this next exciting phase in the life of the school. It combined all my favourite things about Coppice Valley, children loving their learning, being outside in our beautiful grounds and our fantastic staff who work so hard and go to great lengths to give the children awe-inspiring experiences at school.

The fabrics will be given to a charity for reuse.

The school have a eco council of children who are keen to see the school do more recycling – this is helping the pupils see they can make an impact on environmental issues.

Emma Meadus , Headteacher (Interim) said:

The children were so excited when the helicopter came over! We had the whole school outside waiting and waving.

Then we watched ourselves on TV.

It inspired lots of families to go into town to watch the men’s race after school finished.

Looking forward Mrs Meadus has plans for the school.

Emma Meadus , Headteacher (Interim) said:

Coppice Valley curriculum is a fresh and dynamic approach to learning. We look for different ways to inspire pupils to love learning. Our school vision is “inspire, dream big, learners for life” because we know the future leaders of the world are sat in our classrooms today.

By making learning meaningful, relevant and fun, we open up a whole world of opportunity for our children.

So our curriculum includes the “coppice 50” which are enriching and exciting learning opportunities for children, like growing your own food, taking part in politics, representing the school in competition, first aid and even roasting marshmallows over a camp fire.

The school have 199 pupils in seven classes, a small friendly school with a big heart. They work to an ethos of being family friendly and caring for all in the community.

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