Western Primary School, Harrogate
Western Primary School, Harrogate

94% of North Yorkshire families gain first primary school preference

16 April 2019

As high as 94 per cent of North Yorkshire families of primary age children secured their first choice of school for their child.

Just over 98 per cent of families secured one of their top three preferences.

The figure remains consistently high in comparison with many other places in the country.

Stuart Carlton, North Yorkshire County Council’s Corporate Director of Children and Young People’s Services said:

This is very good news for North Yorkshire families.

We are pleased that so many families continue to gain the first preference from their choice of schools and that the percentage remains consistently high.

As a local authority we work hard with all North Yorkshire schools to ensure they deliver the highest standards of education so that families who are not given first preferences can still send their children to good schools. We wish all children starting primary school in September all the best and hope they really enjoy the top quality teaching and learning our schools provide.

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