CV Writing company, Career Writers International LLC, relocate corporate head office to Harrogate


Career Writers International LLC have said that they are opening a new office in Harrogate.

Located in the contemporary offices of 55 Grove Road, the new office will host the senior management team, including the group CEO (Daniel Evans) and the Managing Director of the UK subsidiary – CV People Ltd (James Kirkland).

The opening of the Harrogate office has already created a dozen local jobs including a new Head of Global Online Development along with multiple admin positions, management roles and CV writing positions.

Career Writers International LLC is an American company employing in excess of sixty staff and contractors globally, with regional offices in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US. The company has ambitious plans to expand in to the English-speaking Asian market later this year touting possible locations including Singapore and Hong Kong.

Daniel Evans, CEO of Career Writers International, said:

We were fortunate to find such a modern, contemporary and well-served space. Our focus was to limit the impact that relocation could potentially have on our clients and our employees.

Our new office space, with its desirable location and enhanced operational efficiencies will help us continue to grow and develop and keep pace with our clients’ needs, allowing us to provide exceptional value and superior service along the way.

James Kirkland, Managing Director of the UK subsidiary, CV People Ltd, said:

After months of planning, we’re excited to realise our shared vision of creating the global premier career consulting, CV and Resume Writing Service.

I am excited to work with our new leadership team, and committed to the successful execution of our integration and our long-term strategy.

55-Grove-Road Harrogate
55 Grove Road, Harrogate
Robert Fearnley, North Yorkshire Property Developments Ltd, said:

We are delighted that Career Writers International LLC / CV People Ltd have chosen 55 Grove Road as a base for their UK operation.

We are now virtually 100% let, and CV People Ltd fit perfectly alongside the diverse range of professional businesses already operating from our business centre.

This is positive news for Harrogate as a town, showing that it can attract established businesses as well as new up and coming businesses.

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