Megan Reid - Recovery Shoebox Project
Megan Reid - Recovery Shoebox Project

Mum asks for people to help keep the recovery shoebox project going for Megan

13 February 2019

Megan Reid setup the Recovery Shoebox Project to help people with mental health problems – Megan sadly died, aged 26, on Friday, 8 February 2019.

Friends and relatives want the Recovery Shoebox Project to continue and have setup a donation page using justgiving:

Each shoebox is a personal box full of sensory items and help as a distraction to dark thoughts or self harming and to help stop conditions developing. It was something that Megan had personally benefited from and something she was passionate about others doing the same.

She had put both her own time and money into the boxes and would send them out to anyone who said they wanted one. Over 450 boxes have gone out.

See the news item from October 2017  Megan and the Recovery Shoebox Project – from Harrogate with love

Megan Reid
Megan Reid

Megan’s mum, Joanne Reid said:

Megan had battled with her mental health for numerous years but this never stopped my amazing daughter from helping others.

She was beautiful inside and out with the biggest heart.

Megan’s mission in life was to help others and she was doing this in numerous way.

She was a paediatric student nurse, founder of recovery shoebox project and also strived to change mental health services through educating staff through expert by experience.

I never realised how many people Megan had helped until all my condolence messages came through . Megan touched more people in her short life then most people would do in 100 yrs .

One message read Megan was” like a shinning lighthouse to all those lost at sea and needing guidance.”

She dedicated so much time to others. She showed people it was ok to not be ok.

Megan never stopped helping others despite her own struggles . This is why we need to keep Megan legacy alive and keep on spreading her light.

Fly high my beautiful baby all off me loves all off you for ever.

Please let’s keep the Recovery shoe box project alive.

Rebecca said:

Megan used to be one of my pen pals and we offered each other a great deal of support.

Her shoeboxes provided support, spread joy and made people feel less alone.

Her family are trying to carry on what amazing work Megan did.

They still want to send the shoeboxes out to those in need.

I myself have received one and they are amazing.

Her family have set up a just giving page to be able to carry this work on.

Lynsey Proctor said:

I have known Megan for many years within my old job role but in my new job role within Harrogate CAMHS Crisis Team.

Megan has supported our team with her AMAZING Recovery Shoe Box Project. Megan has helped so many of our service users and made such a positive impact in there life’s.

I have seen Megan grow so much as a person from the 1st day I met her. She achieved her goals of being well travelled, going to university and most importantly the project that she was extremely passionate about.

Over the past year I have got to know Megan more on a personal level, she was an absolute sweetheart, kind, caring and most of all despite her own struggles at times, Megan never gave up on helping others who were/are in need.

I could write so much more, I have very fond memories of her and I’m proud to have been there at her worst but more so at her best.

I’m so grateful I was given the opportunity to be apart of Megan’s life, her project and I’m happy to carry this on with her mum Jo in memory of Megan and continue all her hard work.

See this link to help

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