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Poll: Would you change your vote if there was a 2nd referendum ?


In the first referendum, asking the question if the UK should leave the EU, there was a narrow majority to remain by the Harrogate District.

If there was a 2nd referendum, assuming the same question of leaving the EU, would you change your vote ?

Would you change your vote if there was a 2nd referendum ?

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  1. The question is vague and doesn’t ask whether one voted to leave or remain the first time. So asking if one would change their vote does not take into account how one voted in the original referendum. I voted to remain and would still vote to remain.

      • a bit harsh Zoe, but yeah, I get the gist of what you’re saying – almost all the people that I know of in the Harrogate area who voted leave are now saying they were stupid and it’s dawning on them, they were conned – by lies by politicians and the media – even the people I know who pay very little attention to politics have woken up to the fact that Aaron Banks is working for Putin or at least Russian oligarchs close to him – and the Tories have taken a tonne of money in party funds from the Tories – it stinks of corruption as the highest level.

        • Correction – tonnes of money from Russian Oligarchs – funding the Tory election campaign now! The Tories have sold themselves out to Trump and Putin – Even my sister who is as posh as they come and voted Tory all her life as ditched these traitors and liars and now votes libdem.

  2. I voted Leave and would still vote Leave. The way EU are behaving is reprehensible and not a governing body I want any part of

  3. I voted remain but would now change to leave. The attitude of the EU is one of arrogant complacency. There is more to life than the economy which is all the politicians are concerned about. We want to rules ourselves.

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