Time Well Spent! Adam, facing, on the drilling rig
Time Well Spent! Adam, facing, on the drilling rig

“Well meaning” student in central American drilling project


A pupil from Harrogate’s Ashville College has taken a break from his academic studies in order to undertake a trip to Central America to help drill a well in an impoverished community.

Adam Otto travelled across the globe to Nuevo San Juan, Tela, in Honduras, in order to spend three days with his great aunt and uncle and five fathers and sons, drilling, developing, finishing and dedicating a well which now provides clean water to over 1,000 citizens.

Having arrived back from the Ashville Boys Hockey tour of Holland, a mere eight hours passed before Adam was en-route to the impoverished country, via Houston, Texas, on a 25-hour journey to reach his destination.

In addition to helping to build the well, Adam, along with the other boys, was able to spend some time with the local children, where he put his Spanish lessons from Ashville to use in communicating and playing with them.

Following the completion and dedication of the well, the party spent a number of days visiting with community members, touring Honduras and then, for Adam, making the gruelling 25-hour journey back to Harrogate.


Ashville College Headmaster Richard Marshall said:

Whilst Adam had to take time out of school, this was an absence that we were happy to sanction.

Helping those less fortunate than ourselves is all part of the Ashville ethos, and we are delighted by the efforts of Adam and his family to help provide clean water for an entire community in Honduras.

This experience has opened his eyes to the challenges faced by communities all over the world. What we take for granted, such as a clean drinking water, others can only dream of.



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