Nicola Matthews Headteacher Brackenfield School
Nicola Matthews Headteacher Brackenfield School

Brackenfield expands nursery provision

29 December 2018

Brackenfield School in Harrogate are expanding their nursery provision with a move from term time only to be open for 50 weeks a year.

The change comes on the back of a new headteacher for the school, Nicola Matthews.

Nicola Matthews said:

We are continually listening to parents and reviewing what the school has to offer.

This is a significant change for the school and will see us provide nursery education for children from aged 2 to 4 for 50 weeks a year starting on 7 January 2019.

This follows us listening to parents and understanding that not all parents have school holiday times as holiday time themselves, yet they still wish to have educational rather than just childcare provision for their young children.

The nursery is at the heart of the main Brackenfield school and has 3 large classrooms, its own outdoor area and access to all the school facilities, including a large hall.



Nicola Matthews continued:

It’s a big change and makes creates a challenge for school. We will also be taking on additional staff for the extra time.

It will continue to offer care from 7.30am until 6pm each day, as well as our normal school hours only provision.

This is about recognising the pressures that many working parents can be under and giving them options.




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