Harrogate Police Station car park
Harrogate Police Station car park

Attempted theft of car from Harrogate Police Station car park

13 December 2018

A man has attempted to steal a car parked in the Harrogate Police Station car park –  around 8.30pm on 12 December 2018.

Tim Cook, is the editor of the Harrogate Informer and it was his vehicle parked at the station. The vehicle suffered a smashed driver window and bodywork damage.


It was parked in the visitors car park, where the picture below was taken from.

Harrogate Police Station
Harrogate Police Station


Tim Cook said:

I had just spent an hour with the Traffic Police in Spofforth, following the Christmas Drink and Drug Driving Campaign.

The officers had stopped over 20 vehicles and had given breath tests.

I was travelling with Sgt Paul Cording who moving onto a new job, he was dropping me off at the Harrogate Police Station.

The visitor car park is at the front of the building, well within view of the entrance.

As I got there I could see the hazards and alarm going off on my car. I got out and could see someone in the front seat, the window had clearly been smashed.

Things then happened very quickly, literally within seconds, a van and a number of officers arrived from the station.

He didn’t go easily into the back of the van as he was arrested.



Harrogate Police Station car park damage
Harrogate Police Station car park – vehicle damage

Tim Cook continued:

I believe the man remains in custody this morning and is being interviewed.

Have had an estimate for repairing the damage and that is just under £500.



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