Potting Shed Harrogate

The Potting Shed celebrates 6-months with a new menu and plans for a busy Christmas

29 November 2018

The Potting Shed opened in Harrogate at the end of May 2018, taking up a prime spot in the Royal Baths complex.

Coming up to 6-months-old, we caught up with the general manager, Andy Ingham, talking about how things have worked out in the town.

Andy said:

It has been a great first 6-months and we really appreciate the support Harrogate has given us. We weree really proud of what we did with the prestigious Royal Baths location and we hope that we have added to and improved it.

Harrogate responded well from the start and we have received some great feedback.  Business has been good and we are expecting to have a really busy December. Having 600 already booked in for Christmas Meals, means it will be lively.


Potting Shed Harrogate


Like many businesses they will talk about a need to keep moving forward or you are moving backwards and that customer is king, give them quality and with good service and they come back.

Andy said:

Definitely the outdoor area and the stage in the main room have been popular and worked well. Since we had such a great summer, many were looking for outdoor eating and drinking areas and it was a big draw to the venue. The stage area with bands and DJ’s has been good too.

Last weekend we featured Principul Calliste Jr, a DJ that’s well known around Northallerton way, but maybe less-so around here. The night was busy and many stayed for a good deal of the evening – we have him coming back on the Saturday before Christmas.



Potting Shed Harrogate


A new menu has just been launched and is very on-trend including kebabs and pies.

Andy said:

I was a little sceptical that pies would work, but our Executive Chef has really nailed on that one as they are really proving to be popular, especially on the pie night.

The kebabs are also my personal favourite, done in a healthy way with our flat breads – not bought in, but made from scratch.

I think that is perhaps something people don’t always expect, cooking from scratch rather than pre-prepared or even worse central kitchens for a restaurant chain.

We are really proud in what we do here.


As for the future,  Andy Ingham will soon be handing of the reigns of managing the venue to a new manager, a manager that he is currently training.

The venue itself has big plans for 1-year birthday party next year. There is already stiff competition in the town and that will without doubt continue as there are more bar openings coming along.



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