Knaresborough Castle Lights

Knaresborough Castle Floodlights Scheme


The scheme to provide floodlights at the Castle in Knaresborough is now complete.

Knaresborough Town Council’s Castle Working Group, which comprises councillors and members of the Civic Society, as well as members of the public, has worked hard with consultant Brian Robinson to produce a scheme that is sympathetic to the castle’s turbulent history.

The scheme comprises 14 floodlights mounted in various locations which light the east, west and south elevations of the Castle. The lights are permanent and are lit every day from dusk until 12.30am. The multi coloured LED lights have been programmed to light different colours according to selected events. For instance, during Feva the Castle will be flooded in pink light. During times of national celebration the Castle will be lit in red, white and blue.


Knaresborough Castle Lights

Knaresborough Castle Lights



Knaresborough Castle Lights


Working Group Chair Cllr Christine Willoughby said:

This exciting innovative scheme allows the castle to be seen from many vantage points and the castle acts as a beacon to the town. It is impressive to see the castle floating over the trees as you come down the A59 from Harrogate.

I hope that the town’s people and the town’s many visitors will enjoy seeing the castle in a new light and will visit it again and again.


Knaresborough Castle Lights

Photographs by Richard Maude

The Town’s public appeal for funding to help pay for the scheme is still open for donations.

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