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County Council step in to keep Wetherby bus services running

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Arrangements have been made for several bus services in the area to continue after a bus operator said it could no longer provide them.

From Monday 26 November, ConnexionsBuses has said it could no longer operate the services and North Yorkshire County Council Fleet Services will take over most of them from that date.

The services affected are:

  • Service 780 Wetherby to , with changes to times in the afternoon
  • Service 77 Wetherby to Tadcaster (previously X70), with changes to times in the afternoon. The 7.20am Tadcaster to Wetherby and the 4.50pm Wetherby to Tadcaster will no longer operate.
  • Service 412 Wetherby to . ConnexionsBuses have a new timetable and NYCC Fleet will operate additional journeys at 7.47am to Wetherby and 5.25pm Wetherby to .

North Yorkshire County Council’s executive member for transport, Councillor Don Mackenzie, said:

Once again our passenger transport team has responded quickly to the service withdrawal by a bus operator, to the benefit of passengers. This is a really good achievement, especially in times of limited budgets.


The new timetables can be viewed at



Please share the news
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  1. But what about the withdrawal of the Connextion bus service on Wedderburn? Why isn’t anyone doing something to help all the elderly and disabled people who are going to suffer when the service stops on the 25TH Nov? It’s disgraceful – no one cares anymore, whilst loneliness and isolation just gets worse! All you policititians out there who have been contacted for help – what have you done? Your constituents need you! The bus companies who cover the Harrogate area ought to be ashamed of themselves – it’s not the customers’ fault that they have bus passes – most of them would be happy to pay for a reduced service – anything is better than nothing! But to take it away completely, is an absolutely disgrace and totally unfair! I’m sure there’s a way round this – PLEASE reconsider for sake of all the loyal customers who have supported Connextion’s over the years and who will suffer terribly, when you withdraw this regular service on Wedderburn.

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