Taxi fares to rise by 3%

20 November 2018

Harrogate Borough Council has today voted to increase the maximum hackney carriage fares by applying 3% to the flag fall, running mile and waiting time.

The current tariff is

  • £3.20 on flag fall (or  first 440 yds or part thereof or 1 minute 38.70 seconds)
  • 20p per 185.03 yards (approx 1/10th of a mile)
  • 20p waiting time for each period of 41.62 seconds

A 4 mile journey in London of 16 – 30 mins costs £16 – £23 according to Transport for London figures. In Harrogate a similar journey is about £11.






  1. I’ve always wondered where do the seemingly odd measurements come from? Like 20p every 185.03 yards or 41.62 seconds.

  2. Typical – taxi fares increase just as bus services are withdrawn, making it impossible to use public transport to access town etc, especially for the elderly and disabled, who have to manage on benefits. No Little Red Bus service anymore, as that had to be cut a few years ago, due to lack of funding, so what are vulnerable people supposed to do? This is just compounding the isolation and loneliness problem

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