Community Farm at New Park Primary Academy

14 November 2018

New Park Primary School has opened a Community Farm on part of its school grounds.

The school is on Skipton Road in Harrogate and has two sites, the main school building and the playing fields, just a short walk up the hill. The main school is currently receiving some TLC with a new roof and windows, work that is costing a figure approaching £1 million.

The playing fields are also being developed, with a community farm, while still retaining the use as playing fields.

Wooden pens have already been built and number of ex-battery hens and three pygmy goats taken home. Eggs are being sold to parents and children take turns in visiting and looking after the animals. The pygmy goats were nervous when they arrived and will often be seen on the roof of their home.

Future plans are to develop some of the land for vegetable production.













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