Harrogate Hospital Radio – Broadcasting to the wards and the world with new app

7 November 2018

Harrogate Hospital Radio is now not only broadcasting to patients and staff residing and working in the District Hospital’s wards – but to family members and friends world-wide!

The charity, which was formed in 1977 and boasts a membership of more than 40 volunteers, has launched a new app which is available on both Apple and android phones and tablets.

Additionally, the radio station, which is based within Harrogate District Hospital, can also be listened to via the internet.


Harrogate Hospital Radio chairman Mark Oldfield
Harrogate Hospital Radio chairman Mark Oldfield


The organisation has taken this technological-leap in to the 21st Century following the hospital’s decision to remove all the Hospedia bedside entertainment units, which have been a feature on the wards for the best part of two decades.



Whilst patients had to pay for television channels and to use the phone, Harrogate Hospital Radio was free to listen to.


Harrogate Hospital Radio chairman Mark Oldfield, said:

The removal of the Hospedia service has certainly presented us with a challenge. It is certainly not the end of Harrogate Hospital Radio. In fact far from it!

Harrogate Hospital Radio is as relevant now as it was the first day it took to the air in October 1977.

The new app and being able to listen to us live via our website site means we are not just on air in the hospital, but the whole world.

Our request collectors, who are on the wards every Monday through to Friday, are now helping patients and their family and friends to find us on their tablets and smart phones.

Additionally, we are working with the hospital management to install internet radios in all public places, including waiting rooms, which is great news for us and our audience.


The app can be downloaded for Tunes and Android see http://www.harrogatehospitalradio.org.uk/



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