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Six arrests following smash and grab at Harrogate EE store

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The front door of the EE Shop on Cambridge Street was smashed in a 11.50pm on Tuesday (30 October 2018).

responded to the burglar alarm activation, with Special Constables, response officers, the unit, a helicopter.



Two of the suspects were arrested in a nearby field off the A61 at Buttersyke after a grey Renault Clio car was abandoned in the middle of the road. One was detained at 12.03am the other at 1.21am with assistance from the unit and the police helicopter.

A team of Special Constables were deployed in an unmarked police vehicle as part of the operation to track down the remaining suspects.

They were initially spotted walking along the A61 towards Harewood at 2.51am and they were arrested at 3.03am without incident.

The males, aged 45, 17, 16, 16, 15 and 15, remain in custody for questioning.



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