Harrogate Turkish Baths
Harrogate Turkish Baths

Harrogate Borough Council spend £300K on Turkish Baths refurbishment yet can’t provide a business case to support

13 August 2018

The Harrogate Informer has repeatedly requested information from Harrogate Borough Council on the £300K spend on the Turkish Baths in Harrogate.

Specifically, we have requested information on the justification (a business case)  for the £300K spend and where the money has been spent.

The information has been requested from a number of sources within Harrogate Borough Council and they have declined to provide any information on why it is the right thing to do. It is not clear if there is a business case in existence or if they are refusing to place it in the public domain.

But, we would like to know what questions you would like us to put to the Council on the Turkish Baths ?

Add to the comments below your questions – we can’t guarantee we will get them answered of course, but we will endeavour to do our best!


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  1. Disgraceful spending that much in these times of austerity, I’m sure the money could have been put to better use. I wonder how many from Harrogate have actually been to the baths, I haven’t in 30years, and I have yet to meet somebody who has.

  2. What are the Council afraid of…? Presumably that there isn’t a justifiable business case for such expenditure. A FOI application should flush out the reality…then again can they find reasons to frustrate democracy…such as the scandalous housing planning proposals between Harrogate and Pannal..

  3. The Turkish Baths is the main tourist attraction in Harrogate town, and I would guess only the HCC will attract more visitors, who stay and spend in the community. We need MORE tourist attractions, and quality ones, so the renovation of the Baths is most welcome. However I question the timing, which was during the main tourist season.
    Having said that a business case must exist, and further to this I do expect it to be making a profit, else it’s future within the council must be questioned, and if it can’t be made to make a profit, sell it.

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