Lewis the naughty guinea pig hides in pram for a weekend away


Lewis is a naughty guinea pig from the Hesketh Farm Park, near Bolton Abbey – he decided to have a weekend away after hiding in a pram.

Susan Heseltine from Hesketh Farm Park said:

The couple visited the farm last Friday with their two grandchildren, they spent the whole day here, went on the tractor ride, fed the calves, collected the eggs, held the chicks and spent a large amount of time cuddling the guinea pigs.

The couple went back to their car, folded the pram away and popped it in the boot unbeknown to them when they got home they realised they had another passenger who was Lewis our guinea pig.


Lewis returns, Hesketh Farm Park
Lewis returns, Hesketh Farm Park



Susan added:

Lewis spent the weekend in Thirsk happily munching on their lawn and after a very rested weekend they returned him to the farm. It is still a mystery how Lewis got into the bottom of their pram.


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