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Refurbishments at BMI The Duchy Hospital in Harrogate

25 June 2018

BMI The Duchy Hospital in Harrogate have upgraded some of their facilities and installed some artwork.

All patient rooms and clinical areas of the hospital have had new flooring, clinical washbasins and new blinds installed, alongside a fresh lick of paint.

The reception has a floor to ceiling photograph of Brimham Rocks.

The refurbishment is the result of a significant investment by the private hospital’s parent company BMI Healthcare.

Mr David Leinhardt, who also chairs the hospital’s medical advisory committee of consultants, said:

It’s so important for our patients to not only feel like they are entering a hospital that makes them feel welcome, but also to have the reassurance that the refurbishments have also greatly enhanced the hospital’s commitment to cleanliness and high standards of hygiene that are offered by the improvements.

The investment is part of the hospital’s focus on continuous development on quality and safety for all patients.

Jane Almond, director of clinical services, said:

The new flooring has replaced the carpets that we used to have in the bedrooms, which means that we can keep everything clean really easily. It’s an area that we have been working on following feedback from our patient-led inspections and recommendations from the Care Quality Commission, and we are really pleased that we have been able to complete these upgrades without losing the historical feel to the building that patients like.



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