One Small Step…..Ashville Rocket Club members Zoe Moseng, Diego Roth, George Hayfield and Wesley Smith work on their rockets

Harrogate School’s rocketeers reach for the stars

18 June 2018

Pupils from Ashville College in Harrogate took a giant leap for their school at the finals of the UK Youth Rocketry Challenge.

Two teams from its Rocket Club headed to Buckminster, Grantham, to compete in the concluding stage of the national competition, after qualifying in the regional round at Elvington Airfield, near York.

The aim of the challenge is to create a missile capable of carrying a payload of two raw eggs to an altitude of 800 feet, and then deliver them safely back down to earth within a 41-43 second timeframe.

Whilst both rockets came close to the target height, they would have been very close to the target flight duration had they not both suffered malfunctions in the parachute systems.

By way of a consolation, the rocket of Zoe Moseng, Wesley Smith and Diego Roth won the prize for the best decorated rocket, and Diego Roth also won a prize for guessing the mass of a rocket.



Richard Lees, Ashville College physics teacher and Rocket Club leader, said:

To have two teams through to the national finals was a fantastic achievement, and something the students can be very proud of.

All those involved worked hard to successfully prepare their rockets and their conduct and manners throughout the day were impeccable, making them a credit to Ashville.

Despite the in-flight setbacks, it was a very interesting and enjoyable day. We learned a lot from this experience which will help us when it comes to next year’s competition.


The two teams in the national finals comprised of students Wesley Smith, Zoe Moseng, Diego Roth, George Hayfield, Sam Utley and Eliot Payne.



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