Investigations being carried out at the site earlier this week
Investigations being carried out at the site earlier this week

Repairs to start on Kex Gill and likely to be completed in 3-weeks

15 June 2018

North Yorkshire County Council’s highways team is discussing a permanent solution with specialist geotechnical consultants following coring investigations that will be completed this week on the A59 at Kex Gill.

The road closed on 30 May 2018 following signs of movement.

Certain elements of the repair work are required regardless of the final design solution, so these will be initiated immediately. These works will primarily include reinforcing the existing retaining wall.

It is unclear at this point exactly how long these initial works will take, but estimates suggest the work could be completed in three weeks. The interim benefit of the work could be to facilitate the opening of the A59 to single-line traffic under traffic light control. The target will be to try to deliver that as quickly as possible.



As the initial phase of construction is carried out, work will move forward with the design of the whole solution so that the road can be opened to two-way traffic. Once we know exactly what the permanent repairs will entail and how long they will take, discussions will be held with local businesses and the community to consider the best time to make these repairs. The road is likely to need to close fully to carry out the permanent repairs.

The initial work that should facilitate the opening of the road to single-file traffic will have the additional benefit of providing access along the A59, albeit under traffic light control, before the Great Yorkshire Show, which begins on 10 July.



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