Jackie Snape, Disability Action Yorkshire’s Chief Executive
Jackie Snape, Disability Action Yorkshire’s Chief Executive

Disability Action Yorkshire unveils ambitious five year vision

24 May 2018

A Harrogate charity has unveiled an ambitious five-year vision which will ultimately ensure disabled people from the District, and beyond, have equal access to services, homes, work and fulfilled lives.

In its “Realising Ambition” strategy, Disability Action Yorkshire – which last year celebrated its 80th anniversary – says in 15 years’ time the world will be a very different place for disabled people to live and work in.

The charity is focusing on three main areas; solving problems, equality and access to ensure it meets this exciting challenge head on.


The organisation’s Chief Executive, Jackie Snape, said:

By the end of the next decade, and with the advance of assistive technology, new medicines and ground-breaking surgery, the lives of disabled people will be improved – and so too will the wider public’s acceptance of those with disabilities.

We are fully aware that disabled people still face many challenges. This is wrong and we want to do all we can to change this.

For our part, we are working with a number of companies and organisations in pioneering new technology to assist disabled people in the workplace and to live independently.

We will continue to provide training and support to ensure tangible outcomes for disabled people, and we will support all of our people to achieve the highest possible standards for our customers.

We are very proud of what we have already achieved. In the last five years alone, we have provided services to more than 1000 disabled people.

We want to be an organisation that makes people’s lives better. This is something we really want, and to make sure we do what we say, the trustees and staff have put together this five-year action plan.

Our sights are now well and truly set on the future, but we will continue to listen to disabled people, and together take action to improve the environment, access and attitudes.




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