Chris Paddey, managing director of Padd Energy
Chris Paddey, managing director of Padd Energy

Relocation for growing consultancy with expertise in renewable energy storage

21 May 2018

A renewable energy consultancy has relocated to Harrogate as it pursues growth plans driven by its expertise in a complex and burgeoning area of the industry.

Padd Energy is leading the way in innovative battery storage solutions to help organisations complement their current clean energy credentials.

The company works with public and private sector organisations in the UK, as well as international clients, that have existing renewable energy assets or are looking to generate green electricity and want to maximise their return on investment.

Padd Energy are now looking to develop relationships with energy intensive organisations during 2018, offering specialist consultancy on a wide range of energy services including the growing opportunities available in renewable energy storage.

Battery storage with renewable energy offers a way of saving green energy so that it can be used when it is needed, rather than when it is produced. Storage can be used on the grid as well as in a domestic or business setting and there are a number of battery storage options currently in commercial use in the UK.

Energy storage is a rapidly growing market and recent innovations, combined with a growing awareness by energy consumers and suppliers, mean there are now major opportunities for large energy users and those planning significant power projects to look at creative and cost-effective ways of investing in energy and planning their future energy management.



Chris Paddey, managing director of Padd Energy, said:

One of the big challenges with renewable energy is the mismatch between when the power is generated and when it is needed or can be sold for highest cost. By finding ways to store the energy that is produced, for example, by solar panels on a sunny day and using or selling it during peak times, clean energy can play a more dynamic role in reducing costs and creating revenue streams for businesses.

Major developments in both battery chemistries and control technologies, teamed with decreasing capital costs, have enabled the use of batteries as a means of storing renewable energy more cost effectively. This has led to a number of options being available for commercial use in the UK, including subsidy-free solar PV and wind projects.

At Padd Energy, we have extensive knowledge of both renewable energy generation and energy storage systems. We are using this expertise to support our customers to identify, validate and design financially-attractive solutions in relation to these opportunities.

Our customers are already seeing good commercial returns and the opportunities only look set to multiply in the future as energy storage solutions play an increasingly important role on the balance sheets of UK businesses.



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