Rossett School headteacher Helen Woodcock
Rossett School headteacher Helen Woodcock

Future generation of scientists inspired at RAF roadshow

25 April 2018

Year 8 students at Rossett School put their skills to the test at a roadshow led by the Royal Air Force, designed to inspire future leaders in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

The ‘Fun with Flight’ event focused on the physics of flying and included exciting interactive demonstrations.

As part of the fun-packed session, the science and engineering behind drones, balloons, airships and even jet engines were explored. Students were shown the technologies that enable these to work, experienced a real drone being flown around the hall and met an interactive robot.

Most importantly, they learned how STEM skills are applied in different roles in the RAF and how the science they study in the classroom is an integral part of the work engineers undertake.

Rossett School headteacher Helen Woodcock said:

The roadshow aims to create excitement and interest around pursuing careers in STEM subjects, and has been running successfully for 13 years.

Here at Rossett, we are keen to promote science, technology, engineering and maths to ensure students are aware of the exciting degrees and careers out there. The live and interactive presentation delivered by RAF representatives supports learning in school and is a great way to inspire young and enquiring minds.

Judging by the response of our students, we have certainly created a lot of interest and enthusiasm around these important subjects.



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