Squinting Cat, Harrogate
Squinting Cat, Harrogate

The Squinting Cat reopens following six-figure refurbishment

23 April 2018

The Squinting Cat in Harrogate has officially reopened after a six-figure investment.

The décor takes inspiration from local history and landmarks, while making the most out of the venue’s original features, including parquet flooring, exposed brickwork and stained glass window. The striking scheme features a colour palette of bold, dark paint tones and striking wallpapers. The children’s play area has gone though.


Andrew Harrison, general manager at the Squinting Cat said:

The opening day has been a real success and we’ve already received some incredible feedback from our guests.

The pub looks fantastic and we were all so excited to swing open the doors and share Harrogate’s latest offering with them!


Squinting Cat, Harrogate
Squinting Cat, Harrogate


Andrew added:

We have designed the pub to ensure it caters for everyone, making it a destination for a wide range of guests, whether they’re celebrating something special, joining us with the whole family or simply want a night away from the kitchen.





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  1. I used to work here at the weekends in the 70s, with a great group of friends when I was still at school in Harrogate. It was tiny then. I used to make sandwiches in the kitchen and look out over the rippling fields of rye opposite. We traditionally had a big staff breakfast of toast, fat sausages and scrambled eggs and mugs of tea before the pub opened. On Sunday mornings we polished the brass decorative plates and fireplace. There was a beautiful little stained glass window of a squinting cat. Why can’t I see an image of this anywhere on the new website etc? Hope it wasn’t d stroked in the refurbishments.
    I live in Gloucestershire now. Could you help me out with a photo of the window, please. I’d love to see it.

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