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Harrogate has 35 thefts from vehicles in a month

9 April 2018

North Yorkshire Police are advising vehicle owners in the Bilton, Jennyfields and Knaresborough Road areas of Harrogate to be extra vigilant, following a recent increase in the number of overnight thefts from unattended vehicles.

Over the past month the areas has experienced 35 thefts from unattended vehicles, with vans being particularly targeted and power tools being stolen.

Commenting on the thefts, Temporary Detective Sergeant Tom Barker of Harrogate Investigation Hub said:

Although additional policing resource has been deployed to these areas to deter and disrupt criminals targeting these neighbourhoods, I would encourage residents to be extra vigilant at this time.

It is advisable to remove any valuables items, such as expensive tools or sat nav devices, from your vehicles overnight, to avoid them becoming a potential target and always ensure your vehicle is locked and parked somewhere secure .

I’d also like to appeal to local residents that if you see anything in the area which arouses your suspicion, please don’t hesitate to ring North Yorkshire Police on 999 if it is an emergency, or on 101 if the crime or suspicious behaviour is not happening at that time.



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