Poll: Harrogate hospital set to force 300 staff to work for subsidiary company ?

23 February 2018

Harrogate Hospital (Harrogate District Foundation Trust) is set to force 300 employees to work for a subsidiary company.

It would affect employees from Estates and Facilities, that’s employees such as catering, porters, sterile services amongst many others.

The move is not being welcomed by staff members, who have described it all being handled in a very cloak and dagger way. This is also demonstrated on media contact, with the trust confirming to us that no manager was available for comment.

Comments received to us from staff affected:

“They’ve been very closed off with the staff too. They seem to be rushing it through but can’t or won’t tell the staff what the new terms and conditions are.”

“All the staff want to work for the NHS not the new company”

“The business gain is they’ll be able to claim back the VAT which can amount to millions”

“They said they can’t attract new staff because of the wages they offer at the moment. New starters or staff what get or apply for promotion will automatically move across to the new terms and conditions – that will cause a two tier system”

“There maybe be more money for people that change over to the new terms and conditions but it’ll be taken out of your pension pot when retiring”

“All the staff are stuck between a rock and a hard place. If they don’t like it tough”

We will endeavour to post further updates as information is made available.

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