Jason’s new barber shop is more than a mini-adventure

Jason Saddler has opened a new barbers in Harrogate

A new barber shop has opened on Church Avenue in Harrogate, with a focus on both adults and children.

The business venture is by Jason and Samantha Sadler, with Jason bringing many years of industry experience with him.

Jason Sadler said:

My father was a barber and I worked alongside him over 19 years ago, when he ran a barbers shop in the town centre.

It has always been in my blood, from boy to man!

Time for a mini cut

The business will focus on barbering from adults to children. Some thought has been put into making it as stress-free as possible for those that are reluctant to have a hair cut.

Jason said:

Some children just don’t like having their hair cut. I myself have seen parents almost trying to wrestle a child into the seat. We have put a lot of thought in just making it stress free for all, including the parents.

Samantha and I have put together our mini cuts. We have taken a toy mini and the legs from a barber’s chair and combined the two.

There are lots of buttons and things to play with in the car and it just makes it more fun and a distraction.

The Barber in Harrogate

The business will also see Cassie Sadler and a further staff barber join the team very soon.

See www.harrogatebarber.com

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