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Green space next to the Hydro Swimming Pool in Harrogate could be lost

Hydro Harrogate

A popular green space in could be lost if plans go through to build a battery energy storage facility.

Harrogate Borough Council has received a application for the installation and operation of a battery energy storage facility within a green fenced enclosure.

See planning details here

The application has already received opposition from Cllr Geoff Webber and Cllr Trevor Chapman have lodged objections on the grounds of  the existing flood risk (most recently in December 2015), the loss of existing public open space, the visual impact and potential safety risk in the case of a .



Any member of the public can comment on this application using the link to the planning details. Objections close on 12 January 2017.

It would be located on the green space next to the Hydro Swimming Pool, a space regularly used by dog walkers and as a children’s play area.

We are awaiting comment from Northern Powergrid and the applicant, Entrust (planning consultants).


Hydro Harrogate


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