Council set to announce strategy for hook-up points for electric vehicles


Harrogate Borough Council is set to announce a new strategy for provision of electric vehicle charging points in February 2018.  The work, currently being undertaken by the Council’s transport team, will provide a comprehensive strategy for the introduction of the points and explore possibilities of a public-private partnership to maximise the number of points and locations where they are provided.

The moves come on top of news that the new Civic Centre on Knapping Mount is to have three rapid charging points that will be open to the public.  Harrogate Council is also to purchase an electric pool car to further reduce mileage costs for staff which have already decreased by 10 per cent in the last year.

Phil Ireland, Harrogate Council’s Cabinet Member for Sustainable Transport, commented:

Electric vehicles are going to be the new normal in the next decade as many producers switch from petrol engine manufacture to electric.  Alongside this government legislation is giving the clearest steer yet that petrol and diesel vehicles are destined for the scrapyard.

Car use has also caused four places in the district to be designated air quality management areas meaning they fall below EU standards for clean air.  These are Bond End, Knaresborough; York Place, Knaresborough; Woodlands junction, Harrogate and Skellgate, Ripon.

Councillor Ireland continued:

Being an electric vehicle friendly district will help solve our air quality issues which, over a prolonged period, cannot be good for public health.  That is why I am keen that we have the most ambitious and forward-looking programme for electric vehicles of any borough council in the country.


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