Bookshop Treat for Bishop Thornton School
Bookshop Treat for Bishop Thornton School

Bookshop Treat for Bishop Thornton School


Children at Bishop Thornton CE Primary School had a real treat on Monday 13 November, when Gill Edwards from The Little Ripon Bookshop came to visit the School.

There was great excitement as the children entered the School’s Library, where Gill had set out a wonderful display of new books to share with them.  The vibrant covers and exciting titles immediately inspired children’s comments and questions.  But how to choose which book to talk about first?

Gill was ready with a list of some of the fascinating, colourful characters her books contained.  Children’s hands went up at once to ask about Captain Jeggings – ‘is he a pirate?’ – and about the Sausage Inspector who plagues Edgar the Cat.  They heard about the robber dogs, Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam, and about Bobby and Betty, the hyenas living in disguise in London.  For older children, Pax the rescued fox cub and ‘his boy’, Peter, were the stars of the show.

Mrs Ward, Bishop Thornton’s Class 1 Teacher, specially thanked Gill for coming:

It is so nice for the children to have someone new to read to them.

Afterwards, the children were all keen to buy their favourite books to take home.

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