dementia forward Harrogate

Be seen in Yellow and Green


Dementia Forward in Harrogate is launching an annual event to support families living with dementia in the local area.

It is a startling statistic that every three seconds someone in the world develops dementia.



Closer to home an estimated 150,000 families in North Yorkshire are affected by the disease, and sadly the numbers are increasing.


dementia forward Harrogate


Netty Newell from Dementia Forward in Harrogate is passionate about raising awareness.


Netty said:

We need to get people talking about dementia and outwardly showing their support. Yellow and green are bright colours that stand out, and we would love to see them sparking conversations, demonstrating the support that is out there in our communities and putting a smile on people’s faces.


dementia forward Harrogate


You can join in by encouraging your work or school to host a dress down day, running a best costume competition or simply painting your nails to match the theme as Netty did! You can do this on your own or as a group and then donate the proceeds of your activities to Dementia Forward to enable them to continue their life-enhancing work. It may be your friend or relative who needs their support. Help Dementia Forward be there now and in the future.



Netty said:

Just think, while you’ve been reading this another five people have been diagnosed with dementia. We know people do care and it will be lovely to see that in full technicolour. Let North Yorkshire be a sea of yellow and green – and get dementia seen.


You can donate online at or in person at any HSBC bank using Yellow and Green as your reference and Sort Code: 40-23-12 / Account No: 42304627



Please contact Netty Newell if you would like further information on 01765 601224 or

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