Local bus company called before Traffic Commissioner inquiry following Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) investigation

21 July 2017

Harrogate and District Travel Ltd trading as The Harrogate Bus Company, Transdev Harrogate, the36 and Harrogate Connect has been called to public inquiry by the Office of the Traffic Commissioner.

The hearing will consider an investigation by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) into the punctuality and reliability of the operator’s registered local bus services.



Alex Hornby, the CEO of Harrogate and District Travel Ltd, was asked to comment on the matter and provided the following comment through Ben Mansfield their Marketing and Communications Manager.


A Harrogate and District Travel Ltd spokesman said:

We can confirm that we have been called to a Public Inquiry in relation to matters of punctuality and reliability of our local bus network, and we take our responsibilities as a road user and a bus operator extremely seriously.


The Traffic Commissioner hearing is scheduled for 13 September 2017 in Leeds and is run as a formal court hearing where evidence will be heard.

A formal announcement will follow in Notices and Proceedings published by the Office of the Traffic Commissioner.




  1. As user of the 2A 2B service I can tell you that timetables and the time mean nothing to this company at all

  2. Electronic time tables at bus stops are never correct , when I commented about this to the transdev driver waiting at a bus stop, he said nothing to do with them ,its north Yorkshire county council that run the timetable not us

  3. Are not the traffic commissioners aware of the situation that is the virtual car park called Skipton Road.No wonder the Buses can’t run to schedule .It seems to me with all the traffic lights between the 2 roundabouts at Ripon rd and the Empress plus shear volume of traffic ,It is the local councils who should be brought to book not the bus companies.

  4. It’s about time something was done about Transdev and their drivers.
    I’ve not traveled on a bus for about 2yrs now and that’s due to the rudeness, disgusting mannerism of these drivers and management its self. If it wasn’t for the public there wouldn’t be a bus company, any drivers, and no jobs. Us, being the public, we have rights too but NOT with Transdev. I’ve never come across so many rude people/drivers in all my life and something should be done about it once and for all.
    I once complained about a certain driver because of the way he spoke to me and all I said to him was “good morning” as I stepped onto the bus and his reply was (in a foul mood) “what’s bloody good about it”. This is absolutely shocking, drivers can’t talk to the public/YOU like that after all who pays their wages.
    Since then 2yrs ago, I’ve never again stepped on a bus I now drive a car.

  5. Just had to use a bus from Dacre Banks to Glasshouses, different charge every time, sometimes at later stops in the journey it’s more expensive than earlier stops, price ranges from £4.50 (today was cheapest ever) – £6.50 being the most expensive, for the same journey. Driver today also nearly knocked off a cyclist. Have uniform crazy driving with the ’24’ male bus drivers. Got an absolute mouthful from this driver today at 10am because I jokingly mentioned about the prices differences, would have walked if there was a path. Very expensive fares, fortunately quite a lot of good garages about to keep your car on the road out here, and avoid buses out here. Almost forgot, if you’re elderly get insurance, one old lady almost went flying with one of these drivers and had to be helped up. Question is, bus driving in the countryside – a pleasant job or is it a chore that is horrible and beneath the drivers? Saying that, there was a driver who I think was Italian and he was very polite and drove well, so it can be done properly and enjoyed by driver and customers. The firm should employ more grown-up men as drivers, the women drivers on this route are way better than the men on average, both at driving and being friendly as opposed to being rude, hostile and pig-ignorant. The bus route want’s selling off to other companies, clearly Harrogate bus company can’t even manage a monopoly.

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