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Community Governance Review – Ripon City Council

13 July 2017

Local residents are being asked for their views on how many councillors should sit on Ripon City Council.

Following a review of Harrogate Borough Council by the Local Government Boundary Commission, changes have been made to district ward boundaries within the city of Ripon.

The commission determined that, from May 2018, the city of Ripon will now be divided into four wards, and not three.

This means that the parish ward boundaries must also change so they are the same as the new district ward boundaries.



Ripon City Council currently has 15 councillors, with each of its three wards represented by five councillors. Under the new warding arrangements, the 15 councillors will not be able to be split evenly across the four wards and therefore a review, known as a Community Governance Review, is required.

The review will look at:

  • the number of councillors to be elected to each ward and
  • the overall number of councillors to serve on the council

Following initial consultation between Ripon City Council and Harrogate Borough Council ward members for Ripon, two options are being put forward:

Option 1: that there be three councillors elected to each of the four wards, and that the overall size of Ripon City Council be 12 councillors

Option 2: that there be four councillors elected to each of the four wards, and that the overall size of Ripon City Council be 16 councillors

Local residents are being asked to give their views on these two options in a survey, which will help determine the future size of Ripon City Council.

Detailed information on the review, as well as its terms of reference and maps of the existing and new ward boundaries, are available on the council’s website at

Forms are also available from Customer Services at Ripon Town Hall or by contacting Harrogate Borough Council’s engagement team on 01423 500 600 or e-mail


Elizabeth Jackson, Member Services Officer with Harrogate Borough Council, said:

This is an opportunity for Ripon residents to give their views on the future shape of the city council in Ripon.

These views are an important and valued part of the Community Governance Review process.


The consultation ends on Friday 11 August 2017.

A Community Governance Review of Knaresborough Town Council is also taking place.



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