left to right Dan Mizen, LucyMizen, Robert Ogden, Roy Webber
left to right Dan Mizen, LucyMizen, Robert Ogden, Roy Webber

Warehouse Recording Co launch new studio space with Sinatra Concert hosted by Northern Aldborough Festival

20 June 2017

The Warehouse Recording Co, based in Harrogate will launch its new studio space at a Sinatra concert on 29 June 2017 presented by Northern Aldborough Festival.

The new room, which takes the number of recording studios at the Warehouse to three, will be the largest and will aim to accommodate bigger groups and bands including orchestras.


Roy Webber joint owner of the Warehouse Recording Co said: Our vision for this studio was to create a really large room with great acoustics that could accommodate bigger groups and even orchestra’s. That’s why this concert is such a great event to kick off with – we will have an amazing singer supported by twelve accomplished musicians.


With post production facilities and editing suits the Warehouse is becoming a landmark location for both emerging and established artists.  Since becoming the Northern base for ‘Whispering’ Bob Harris’ series of Under the Apple Tree recordings, it has also developed into a live music venue and now hosts regular gigs on the last Friday of each month.



The concert on the 29th, which is part of the ten day long Northern Aldborough Festival, will see a number of accomplished artists come together to recreate the world renowned works of Sinatra’s Close to You album. In addition to the jazz luminary, Matt Ford – a regular soloist with the John Wilson Orchestra, the evening will bring together an ensemble of twelve handpicked musicians chosen for their sound and empathy for this extraordinary music. These include Grammy-nominated drummer Matt Skelton and the renowned Tippett String Quartet.


Robert Ogden, Festival Director said: The combination of world leading jazz artist Matt Ford backed by an orchestra will be incredibly popular. It’ll be a real treat for both lovers of jazz and Sinatra, not to mention the incredible acoustics – the sound and atmosphere will be great.


Starting at 7.30pm the evening will also offer sumptuous food from world barbecue champion Andy Annat and liquid refreshment from Whispering Bob’s Bar American.

Tickets and more information are available at www.aldboroughfestival.co.uk

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