Cast of Emmerdale v FelixTown FC to raise money to help local boy

19 June 2017

The cast and crew of Emmerdale are playing local football team, FelixTown FC, on Saturday 24 June 2017 at the Harrogate Town stadium on Wetherby Road Harrogate.

The event is to raise money for Felix William, aged 5-years-old and is to help pay for treatment for an undiagnosed progressive neurological condition.

  • Saturday 24 June 2017, Harrogate Town Stadium, Wetherby Road Harrogate.
  • 12-4pm (kick-off 1pm)
  • Family tickets are £10.

Tickets can be bought in advance at

Felix is 5-years-old and has an undiagnosed progressive neurological condition.  He is unable to sit independently and is non-mobile.  He has hypertonia, developmental delay, dystonia, hypermobility, epilepsy, dysarthria, cerebral visual impairment and damage within his brain, not caused by any problems at birth.


Nobody knows what is wrong with Felix and what causes his problems.  All genetics have come back clear.

Felix was born past his due date and everything went well, with a home water birth.  The problems started with 14 hours of crying every day, Felix couldn’t turn his head one way and feeding was very difficult.  He slumped in every chair he sat in.  Felix then missed every milestone and no one could explain why.

He had MRI’s, lumbar punctures, muscle biopsies.  We saw a pediatrician, neurologist, physio, OT, speech and language, dietician, geneticist, growth specialist and no one had a clue – Felix doesn’t fit into any box.

His MRI results show only he has a life-limiting condition. He has low tone in his trunk which means he needs constant support to be able to do all the things a 5-year-old wants to do. He has dystonia in his legs which makes it very difficult to bend and causes a lot of pain.  He is such a happy little boy and tries so hard at everything he does.

Felix is now beginning to question why he can’t walk and often asks for us to “make him better”, it’s heartbreaking as his parents.  He has already had two lots of surgery to help his legs and feet and many invasive procedures to find out what is wrong.


He loves to play with his two sisters and their dog Scout.

The family are fundraising to help get him over to Canada where they have found a pioneering rehabilitation centre to help get Felix moving – it’s an incredible place with proven success stories.

The family say they are desperate for Felix to have this intensive physio therapy for 5 weeks and need to raise £10,000.  They appreciate that it is a huge amount of money, but we’re not giving up on him.


Mum, Sarah Williams, said: Felix and I will spend 5 weeks in Canada. Felix will have 4-hours intensive physio therapy day (we currently see the NHS physio once every month).  He will then have 1.5 hours a day with a massage therapist.  The therapy is tough but will teach Felix to use muscles he has never used before and in a consistent way.

The therapist will work with Felix and we will continue the programme at home until we can return next year.

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