Harrogate Spring Water

Pinewoods, Rotary Wood Planning decision due


The planning decision regarding the expansion of Harrogate Spring Water Limited onto Rotary Wood is planned for 2pm on Tuesday 9 May 2017.

This is an open meeting at Crescent Gardens.

Despite concerns being raised by areas of Harrogate Council and many other groups the planners recommendation is to Approve.

The full report can be read here

39 objections have been received.

Grounds for objection:

  • Loss of woodland
  • Loss of trees planted by Rotary Club and volunteers
  • Loss of local amenity
  • Loss of greenfield site
  • Harm to the landscape of SLA and Pine Woods
  • Increased heavy traffic
  • Unsustainable development
  • Increased carbon footprint
  • Loss of biodiversity
  • Conflict of interest as Council is landowner



Harrogate Borough Council collects money from Harrogate Spring Water both Ground Rent and a payment based upon a Turnover Rent approach. Following a Freedom of Information request, Harrogate Borough Council have confirmed that Ground Rent is £13,615.21, but are not willing to disclose Turnover Rent as it would be a breach of confidence with Harrogate Spring Water and would also be commercially sensitive to them.

The proposed development would provide an additional 5,500 sqm. of floorspace and provide and additional 32 jobs on top of the current 70 full time positions.

The Pinewoods Conservation Group has written to members of the planning committee to suggest that they visit the site before making any decision.

A representative from Harrogate Rotary will also argue against this development as part of the meeting.

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