Harrogate Tactical Response Vehicle
Harrogate Tactical Response Vehicle

New Tactical Response Vehicle (TRV) goes into live operation for Harrogate


From this week  (Monday 24th April 2017)  the Tactical Response Vehicle based at Harrogate fire station will start attending operational incidents.

It will respond to, and be able to deal with, small incidents, such as bin fires, on its own and will be sent along with standard fire engines to larger incidents such as house fires and road traffic collisions.

The vehicle has replaced one, of the two, standard shift crewed fire engines based at the fire station. It has the same standard pump as a normal fire engine, and also carries new equipment that is designed to be operated with fewer staff than previously required.

Tactical Response Vehicles are already operational at Scarborough, Northallerton and Tadcaster fire stations and are also being introduced at Malton and Ripon fire stations later this year.

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