Incident of fly tipping in Harrogate

7 April 2017

Harrogate Borough Council are looking at an incidence of fly-tipping.

Waste was left near to the entrance of the sewerage works at the end of Bachelor Gardens in Bilton.

Patrick Kilburn, Harrogate Borough Council’s Head of Parks and Environmental Services said: Harrogate Borough Council takes the issue of fly tipping extremely seriously.

We are aware of the incident which has occurred at the entrance to the sewerage works in Bilton and officers have visited the site today to see if we can ascertain who is responsible with the view of launching a prosecution. The fly tipping has now been removed.

We would encourage anyone who has any information concerning who is responsible for the fly tipping to contact the council on 01423 500 600.

Harrogate HG1, UK


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  1. And this is newsworthy over the various other flytipping in the area how? The Ripley end of the cycle path often has items dumped daily, along with other areas in the town that are very popular with dumping.

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