Starbeck Rail Crossing re-opens following problems

crossing in is now back fully working after they become stuck in the closed position

They are back to normal working order after a blown fuse was  replaced. The signalling was affected too, as it is  linked to the level crossing, so there were minor delays to some rail passenger services too.


Starbeck Railway Station
Starbeck Railway Station


A Network Rail spokesperson said: Shortly before 7.30am today the level crossing barriers at Starbeck failed in the down position, the ‘fail safe’ position which protects road users and pedestrians from the railway.

Engineers were on site by 8am and by 08.45am the crossing was back in normal working order, with a blown fuse identified as the cause of the fault.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused to both passengers and motorists who were delayed on their morning commute as a result.


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