Inspector David Barf
Inspector David Barf, North Yorkshire Police, Roads Policing Group

Reports of bad driving continue to be filed with North Yorkshire Police on Operation Spartan

9 January 2017

In December 2016, North Yorkshire Police launched Operation Spartan, an scheme encouraging people to report dangerous driving.

Northumbria Police started Operation Dragoon in 2013 and North Yorkshire took the learning from that operation and implemented a similar scheme in the county.

The Operation is about identifying repeated incidents of poor driving and help change that. Anyone can go to the Police’s website and report driving that may be of concern. A report is then read and categorised.

A single report would not necessarily lead to action from the police, but multiple reports would likely hit their radar.


Operation Spartan
The reporting form online


You can report here


  • North Yorkshire has a network of 5,000 miles of road.
  • The number of people killed on North Yorkshire’s roads continued to fall
  • In 2015, 31 people died as a result of collisions on the county’s roads, compared to 40 in 2014 and 51 in 2013.
  • The total number of casualties of all severities in 2015 was 2,316, up three per cent from 2,258 in 2014.
  • Four cyclists were killed in 2015, one more than the previous year, but the number of cyclists seriously injured was down 17 per cent and overall there were five per cent fewer cyclist casualties
  • The number of motorcyclists killed or injured continued its gradual decline. In 2015, 12 were killed and a further 102 seriously injured, compared to 13 and 104 in 2014 and 16 and 114 in 2013.
  • Three pedestrians were killed, one fewer than in 2014, and the number of seriously injured pedestrians fell from 39 to 35.


Inspector David Barf of North Yorkshire Police said:

In the first week we had around 100 reports from across North Yorkshire. They are all being reviewed, categorised and action taken, where appropriate.

If we get repeat vehicles or names being reported then we have a number of courses of action. We work with partner agencies such as Borough Council’s for parking problems, but we may write to or visit people that we feel may benefit from that.

It’s not about arrests, it’s about helping improve standards of driving on the roads and reducing accidents. In some cases people may simply be unaware of the problems others are experiencing with their driving.



Inspector David Barf
Inspector David Barf




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