In 2011, Kit Lacey suffered an established stroke
In 2011, Kit Lacey suffered an established stroke

Young stroke survivor converts classic campers to all-electric

1 September 2016

Young stroke survivor converts classic campers to all-electric. After a miraculous recovery, Kit Lacey decided to make a career change, combining the past with the future.

In 2011, Kit Lacey suffered an established stroke.

Not many people come out of one of those the same way. Many are left with severe physical and mental disabilities but not Kit, however he wasn’t the same as many stroke sufferers, Kit was only 23.

Kit was working as a lifeguard at the time but the difficulties the stroke caused meant giving that up. Although his memory is not as great as it used to be, Kit still has good physical capabilities;


Kit said:

The strangest thing is my balance.

In the light, I’m fine but if you switch the lights off, I struggle to walk in a straight line.

It’s moments like this that can give you a wake-up call and motivate you to really push for the type of life you’d like to live.

I’ve always had a passion for classic campers, my wife and I had one as our wedding car in 2009. Following the stroke, I had an idea to convert classic campers to electric.

Most people would have fallen at the first hurdle but due to my near perfect recovery, I thought I owed it to myself.



A converted classic camper


eDubs run entirely on electric power and recharge from campsites. Kit formed the company, eDub Trips, in 2013 and is now on the brink of creating a company that changes not just one but two industries.

Not only will more eDubs create a better experience for campers but by building more, prices of Electric Vehicles will be reduced for everyone.

Although doctors say Kit has made an incredible recovery, after one stroke is always the risk of another.


Kit said:

I don’t want to think like that, but I also don’t want to think, ‘what if?’… I’m going to spend as much time as possible bringing this dream to a reality.


eDub Trips currently have a Kickstarter campaign that ends on 23 Sept 2016, which aims to raise funds to build more eDub Campers. eDub Trips is based in Farnham, near Knaresborough and offer holidays hiring an eDub to explore the local area.

More information on eDub Trips’ conversion and hire services can be found at Please support eDub Trips on Kickstarter. Search ‘eDubs’ at

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