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Less than a week until the big race day for Valley Gardens

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It’s less than a week away until the 3rd Soap Box Derby.

The  brings with it more excitement, thrills and spills, to Valley Gardens than many  drinking a latté or two from the café will normally ever see.

The soap box cars are towed to the top of Valley Gardens, before they are released, with gravity doing its work on a timed run down to the finish line near the bandstand.

To add more excitement, towards the end of the run is a jump and a chicane, making it a test of nerve and skill if to break, but drop vital seconds, to make it to the finish line.

To describe the vehicles as just soap boxes is really an understatement, many feature light weight aluminium frames and incredible design and build quality – perhaps no surprise given some of the engineering companies that enter.

The is organised by the Roundtable, with James Pickard taking the lead and putting.


Alan Fisher of the Harrogate said:

The ’s Soap Box Derby is swiftly becoming a Harrogate family favourite. Now in it’s third year it looks to be a highly successful fund raiser and a source of entertainment for all ages, both racers and spectators.

The generosity of local businesses in donations of time, finance and equipment continues to humble the organising team.

The first race will be at 10am on Sunday, 7 August 2016. Racking normally runs through until about 3:30pm

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