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New Hotel Opens In the Gardens Of Disability Action Yorkshire

New hotel opens in the gardens of Disability Action Yorkshire

15 July 2016

A new “hotel” has been opened in the grounds of Disability Action Yorkshire’s Harrogate residential care home.

The new establishment – located in the garden of the Claro Road establishment – will not win any stars for its facilities and customer service, and, more importantly, does not cater for human guests!

Instead, the clientèle it is aiming to attract are insects, invertebrates, newts and frogs and birds, as this structure has been developed to increase biodiversity in the garden.

The Bug Hotel – created from wooden pallets, plastic milk bottles, straw, cardboard tubes and pine cones – has been built by service users under the direction of Carolyn Rothwell, from the Harrogate and District Wildlife and Biodiversity Action Group.

Disability Action Yorkshire chief executive Jackie Snape said:

Carolyn is a regular face at our Claro Road home, and works with our service users in the garden, planting a wide variety of vegetables, flowers and shrubs.

A project she has been working on this spring has been the creation of a Bug Hotel! Whilst it may not sound very appealing, it is already pulling in creepy crawlies, which in turn are attracting a wide range of birdlife.

Our service users love the garden, and, thanks to Carolyn, it is being transformed into a wildlife haven, and one that is providing with a steady supply of vegetables and fruit.

We are incredibly grateful to her and look forward to seeing the number of birds and butterflies increase in numbers as the insects check in.

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