Inspector Alex Langley, North Yorkshire Police

Harrogate police seize stolen bikes during search warrant


Harrogate Police have recovered a number of stolen bikes at an address on Robert Street in Harrogate – 22 June 2016.

Following information received, they executed a warrant on the property under section 26 of the theft act.

Police discovered 12 bikes and 6 have already been identified as stolen. Other items were also seized with many new items from the stores in the nearby area.

Police will now reconcile the bikes with the rightful owners.

Inspector Alex Langley said:

This is an excellent result and is part of Operation WhirlyBird, our response to an increase in town centre cycle crime.

We should now see a reduction in cycle crime as a result of this warrant and seizure, although peopel must steel remain vigilant and take precautions.

This has followed recent arrests where two individuals were charged and appeared in Harrogate Magistrates Court. They received a caution and a fine respectively.

Some of the recovered bikes
Some of the recovered bikes

Inspector Alex Langley said:

We would urge people to keep an eye out for the various events that we run around security marking your bike. There are many ways of security marking your bike, such as laser encryption, dot peen marking and data tagging.

You should also look at making sure that your bike is kept in a secure place and with a lock that is appropriate for the value of the bike that you are storing. We see many garden sheds that have a high value bike stored, yet the shed itself is secured by a padlock of only a few pounds.

North Yorkshire Police are expecting to make an arrest and charged very shortly in respect of this find.


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