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Boost your children’s brains with some classical music this June

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The prestigious classical music , the Northern Aldborough Festival has unveiled its 2016 children’s and the good news is it may even boost your child’s brain power!

The , which takes place on 26 June 2016  at St Aidens , will feature a showing of the Magic Piano from Oscar® award-winning creators BreakThru Films. Accompanied by solo piano, the introduces the music of Chopin whilst creating a spellbinding performance for children and parents alike.

Numerous studies over recent decades have illustrated how music can have a positive impact on children’s development. Recently a study found that playing classical music such as Beethoven and Mozart to young children could boost their concentration and self-discipline*. In addition, youngsters could also improve their general listening and social skills by being exposed to repertoire from composers including Ravel, Shostakovich and Mendelssohn.

Robert Ogden, Festival Director commented:

We always try to cater for children, but this year we have taken it to a new level by investing in a production specifically targeted to younger children. It’s a beautiful way to introduce children to classical music-piano in particular, we’re looking forward to seeing their reactions!

The Festival which is now in its 23rd year is rooted in Aldborough, just outside of , and showcases an astounding amount of musical talent with globally renowned classical, jazz, opera and theatrical talent.

The Magic Piano will aim to introduce youngsters to the merits of classical music against the backdrop of beautifully animated film.

Alongside this event, the last night concert, held in the grounds of Aldborough Manor also provides children with an opportunity to benefit from some music of a more populist nature. Families are invited to bring a picnic and enjoy a relaxed, informal evening of entertainment.

This year the highly acclaimed Bluejays will entertain the crowds with popular hits from the Rock n’ Roll era, followed by a fireworks display to formally close the 2016 Festival.

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