Battle Bus receives ticket
Battle Bus receives ticket

Harrogate Borough Council ticket Vote Leave Campaign bus

24 May 2016

A Harrogate Borough Council parking inspector has today (24 May 2016) ticketed the Vote Leave bus that was parked in a parking bay near Betty’s tea room in Harrogate.

In a strange move the parking inspector then spent ten minutes on a phone call before then removing the ticket.

Harrogate Borough Council have since confirmed that the ticket will stand and they will pursue the registered keeper of the vehicle.

Nicky Garside, Head of Safer Communities at Harrogate Borough Council said:

The parking ticket was issued to the Vote Leave campaign bus because it was parked illegally. The ticket was removed in error and as such the council will now follow the matter up with the vehicle’s registered keeper.


Andrew Dennis from Harrogate & Karesborough Vote Leave said:

It is very disappointing to receive a parking ticket from Harrogate Borough Council, have it removed by an employee of Harrogate Borough Council, and then be told it has been reinstated.

This can only be due to lack of knowledge of the law or insufficient training offered by HBC, and we feel this is just part of a long line hurdles that the local council has put in the way of the Leave Campaign.

However, this will not deter our efforts and we will hold our heads up high and move forward in a positive way.

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