Smithers Viscient increases market presence with investment in chemistry

14 April 2016

Harrogate-based Smithers Viscient is a global leader in environmental testing and has expanded its mass spectrometry suite.

This is to allow them t better serve the market requirements of its clients in the agrochemical, pharmaceutical, industrial chemical, biocide and animal health industries, among others.

Smithers Viscient’s increased capacity will allow the company to continue to provide the high level of scientific expertise and service that its clients demand.

The company moved into a new custom-built laboratory on Skipton road in Harrogate during September 2014.

David Phillips, Managing Director, Smithers Viscient said:

Since moving into our new state-of-the-art laboratory we have expanded our footprint and invested in both our people and cutting-edge technology to provide a superior customer service to client base.

Smithers Viscient recently acquired a new mass spectrometer, the ABSCIEX Triple TOF (time of flight) 5600+. This highly sensitive and accurate instrument will be paired with a front-end Shimadzu Nexera UHPLC.

These advanced machines can detect down to part-per-billion levels. This level of detection is extremely important for detailed structural characterisation, an area in which more clients are requesting expertise.

The new instrument will provide additional metabolite identification and quantitative analysis to support environmental fate, ecotoxicology and product development testing at Smithers Viscient.

The new equipment acquisition complements Smithers Viscient’s existing technology portfolio including Q Exactive accurate mass and API5000 mass spectrometers. Smithers Viscient expects the new system to significantly expand capacity and broaden the lab’s capability to address a wider range of projects.

  • Smithers Viscient is a global Contract Research Organisation (CRO) providing environmental testing, ecotoxicology, and regulatory services for the crop protection, seed technology, pharmaceutical, industrial chemical, and the consumer and household product industries
  • With laboratories located in North America and Europe, Smithers Viscient has performed standard guideline and higher-tiered environmental studies for over 40 years
  • Smithers Viscient conducts studies to satisfy all regulatory requirements globally
  • Services include ecotoxicology, avian toxicology, environmental fate, metabolism and residue, analytical, and
    product chemistry

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